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Publications as of March 15, 2020

10) Deban, S.M., J.A. Scales, S.V. Bloom, C.M. Easterling, M.K. O’Donnell, J.P. OLBERDING. (in press) Evolution of a high-performance and functionally robust musculoskeletal system in salamanders. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

9) Sutton G.P., E. Mendoza, E. Azizi, S.J. Longo, J.P. OLBERDING, and M. Ilton. (2019) Why do large animals never actuate their jumps with latch-mediated springs? Because they can jump higher without them. Integrative and Comparative Biology 59:6. 1609-1618

            *in co-organized symposium at SICB 2019


8) OLBERDING, J.P., S.M. Deban, M.V. Rosario, and E. Azizi. (2019) Modeling determinants of mechanical advantage during jumping: consequences for muscle- and spring-driven movement. Integrative and Comparative Biology 59:6. 1515-1524

            *in co-organized symposium at SICB 2019


7) Longo, S.J., S.M. Cox, E. Azizi, M. Ilton, J.P. OLBERDING, R. St Pierre, and S.N. Patek. 2019. Beyond power amplification: An emerging cross-disciplinary paradigm of latch-mediated spring actuation. Journal of Experimental Biology. 222: jeb197889 doi: 10.1242/jeb.197889

6) OLBERDING, J. P. and S. M. Deban. 2018. Scaling of work and power in a locomotor muscle of a frog. Journal of Comparative Physiology B. 188, 623-634

5) OLBERDING, J. P., Scales, J. A., and S. M. Deban. 2018. Movements of vastly different performance have similar underlying muscle physiology. Journal of Experimental Biology. 221: jeb166900 doi: 10.1242/jeb.166900


4) OLBERDING, J. P. and S. M. Deban. 2017. Effects of temperature and force requirements on muscle work and power output. Journal of Experimental Biology.  220, 2017-2025


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2) Jayne, B. C., J.P. OLBERDING, D. Athreya, and M. A. Riley. 2012. Surface shape affects the three-dimensional exploratory movements of nocturnal arboreal snakes. Journal of Comparative Physiology A. 198:12, 905-913

1) OLBERDING, J.P., L.D. McBrayer, and T.E. Higham. 2012. Performance and three-dimensional kinematics of bipedal lizards during obstacle negotiation. Journal of Experimental Biology. 215, 247-255

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